Public Services:

Wing floor design and 3D render setup.

Lighting systems that are employed in an innovative and attractive manner, with high professionalism and harmony with the identity of the exhibitor

Audio systems and engineering.

Hospitality and food according to the proposed budget.

Voting devices, opinion polls and questionnaires.

Executing exhibition booth decorations.

Public Relations for the organization and management of exhibitions:

Media and documentation through full coverage of events.

Identity, publications and gifts according to the customer’s choice and the extent of his need for each of them.

Preparing and drafting content and welcome words at the event and welcome messages for visitors.

Documentation of the event:

Exhibition or event photography.

Preparing flyers for conferences, whether printed or digital, through barcodes.

Production of documentary videos of the event.

Implementation of the final event report.

Implementation of digital content with high accuracy:

Design and implementation of infographic clips and motion graphics.

Design and implementation of promotional videos for the event and promotional promotions.

Providing technical solutions for managing visitor databases:

Electronic registration and receipt of the barcode or the QR.

Visitor counting systems.

Modern solutions for printing visitor cards.

Self-registration and express visitor registration service.